Automation solutions under one roof

Whether you need automation in processing and manufacturing or motion control, you are welcome to Yankee Logic Systems & Robotics Pvt. Ltd.. We leads the way with cost-effective, world-class automation, process and motion control solutions that address your application needs.

We develop, design, engineer, and manufacture custom CNC automation equipment, special process automation systems and real-time and embedded systems software in a small package.

We presently providing solution and converting following into CNC.

  • Jewellery making machines of all kinds
  • Special purpose machines.
  • Printing and packaging industry.
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industry.
  • Lathe and milling machine



  1. PLC and Lab View
  2. Motors Of all Kinds
  3. Motor Controller/Drivers
  4. Sensors of all types and, Photo cameras
  5. Panel meters of different needs
  6. Imaging Devices
  7. Process Security Devices
  8. Scada Software to monitor complete process
  9. CNC & Embeded Software

Tell us about your Requirement, new idea or product, and we will give the solutions.

If you are making a new product or want to modify the existing product and facing some problem, tell us the desired specifications of the product (what you want), and tell us the detials of your hardware (what you have), and we will work out a time / money estimate for hardware and software development for you - absolutely free!

We believes in pioneering leaderships, innovative technology all together for shaping the future. Our aim is to cut across barriers of time, speed and distance.

Trust us, We can put logical brain in your Mechanical machinery and will convert in fully automatic computer control machine.