Security Systems

"Security has become a vital part of daily life in European Countries. With the alarming rise of the crime rate in our country the term 'Security' has taken a different dimension altogether, time is here when we equip ourself to fight the fire with fire. Secure yourself, or perish has become the order of the day."

Yankee Logic Systems And Robotics Pvt. Ltd., a fast growing marketing and sales company in computers and office automation products, now brings you an amazing range of highly advanced, user-friendly electronic security solutions. Customised to suit your specific requirements. Here we explain brief details about its operatio

Access Control System (Your 24 hrs. Sentry)

This is a combination of below mentioned equipments which works together to give you the best foolproof security.

Control Panel (The brain behind the Security Systems)

This is how the Security System works. The control panel receives signals from the various detectors connected to it, processes the signal to enable the alarm (a high power hooter) and also report the various types of emergency situations on your premises. This can report at your Mobile phone, Residence Phone or wherever you desire. Whats more, the control panel has an in-built battery backup facility for 48 hrs. that switches on automatically in case of a power failure. The range comprises various control panels, right from 4 zones to 128 zones, to suit specific requirements and budgets.


Just no way in for Intruders.

Contact Break Detector

These Magnetic Contacts can detect a forced entry anywhere on your premises and sent the signal to control panel.

Motion Detectors

On detecting even the slightest human movement, an alarm goes off. Alerting you about the prowler on your premises. Ensures no one gets near valuables.

Glassbreak detectors (Detects break-ins through glass)

These highly alert glassbreak detectors will warn you, if someone tries to break in through a glass door or window.

Smoke Detectors (Sensitive to all type of Smoke)

These smoke detectors are linked to warn the main security control in case of any kind of smoke.

Heat and Gas Detectors (Alerts you against fires)

They are ideal to detect gas leakages and even pre-warn you about potential fire hazardous conditions.

Panic Switches (Sends help signal at the press of a switch)

Placed at Strategic Locations, these switches can be activated in an emergency. So next time someone tries to force his way into your home, help is just an arm's reach away. Whether it is alerting the fire department or the police.

Medical Emergency (Right at your Fingertips)

You can signals to Central Monitoring Station, when in need of emergency medical assistance. To call for an Ambulance, or even your family Doctor.

Central Monitoring Station Round the clock Security HeadQuarter

Central Monitoring Station is equipped with sophisticated Security Monitoring Systems, and managed by highly skilled personnels. On, alert 24 hrs. a day, 365 days a year. Every's customers Security System will be connected to this Central Station. Any emergency situation that arises will instantly be communicted here. Further, this information will be relayed to the contact person of your choice.

Station Intercom

This Intercom device allows you to screen stranges and verify their identity, before they enter your premises. You could also use it to communicate with your family around the house. That way you can even hear your baby sleeping peacefully in the nursery. With this station Intercom you can also receive telephone calls,without picking up the receiver. Further, this Station Intercom serves as a listen-in station for the Central Monitoring Station, in case of emergency. Without compromising on your privacy, ofcourse.

Remote Telephone Access (Lets you control your Security System from across the world)

Using any touch tone telephone and the Security System's Voice Assisted Security Control, you can get complete status on your Security System. To change, disarm, or activate it from just about anywhere.

CCD Camera (Your third eye round the clock)

You can view who is at front of your door premises and surrounding of your home even in absolute darkness. Keep the watch 24 hrs. in and around your home.

It's other utilisations are:

- Prevents theft and burglary.

- Bring control and power to the proprietor / manager desk.

- Enables to utilise the man power in more effectively and judicious manner.

- Psychological effect for workers, improves production.

- Prevents strikes and misguiding workers by outsiders in factories.

Video Door Phone (To let you know Who's at the door without opening it)

When someone press your door bell, it activate automatically and enable two way audio and video communication with remote door lock facility.

Price List
CCTV Colour Camera 1/4" with 3.6 mm fixed lens, normal resolution, with ac. Adapter, range 4’ to 15’ 450/-
CCTV Colour Camera 1/4" with 3.6 mm fixed lens normal resolution , range 4’ to 15’, Metal body with ac 220v ps. And one way audio 900/-
CCTV Colour Camera 1/4" with 3.6 mm fixed lens normal resolution , range 4’ to 15’, Metal body with ac 220v ps. And two way audio 1250/-
CCTV Colour Camera 1/4" SONY with 3.6 mm fixed lens normal resolution , range 6’ to 25’, Metal body with ac 220v ps. And one way audio 1950/-
CCTV Colour Camera 1/4" SONY with 3.6 mm fixed lens normal resolution , range 6’ to 25’, Metal body with ac 220v ps. And two way audio 2150/-
Dome CCTV Colour Camera 1/3" with 6 mm fixed lens, high resolution, with .02 lux with ac. Adapter, range 5’ to 35’ 3300/-
PC based 4 channel without remote, resolution 480x320 delay recording 1900/-
PC based 4 channel with remote, resolution 640x480 delay recording 2500/-
Stand alone 4 Channel with built in quad without remote 80GB Delay Rec 13,900/-
Stand alone 4 Channel with built in quad with remote 80GB Delay Rec 15,800/-
Stand alone 4 Channel with built in quad and live view extra port with one channel audio recording 120 GB Delay Rec with remote, USB backup , Lan anywhere. 17,500/-
4 Channel viewer
4 channel Mannual switcher with one way audio facility 700/-
4 channel Auto switcher with one way audio facility having auto and manual functions, 2~60 sec adj timer range 1500/-
Quad with selection of either single or all 4 channel view with single sound 4900/-
Fitting and other charges
Per camera fitting charges 200/-
Cable per metre 25/-
Panning motor for left & right rotation and manual up down position with remote controll 2350/-
Samsung IP Camera 19,900/-