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Service Network is relatively a young group of highly qualified professionals with International level Networking certification in MCSE and CNE having expertise in Hardware and Software Consultancy i.e. LAN, WAN, UNIX & Desk Top, Maintenance & Repairing at component level of Computers and Office Automation Products etc. All the members of this group are thorough professionals equipped with mobiles & pagers having wealth of experience. The group serves in the field of information and technology.

Our Strength

Service Network with its own fully equipped lab and team of highly experienced staff possesses extensive experience in the repairing & maintenance of variety of equipments and other peripheral devices to meet the specific requirement of its clients. Since its inception Service Network has recognized the need to build upon organization of talented professionals to conduct its high technology business. Its asset build up has been in terms of bringing in personnel with multi disciplinary skills, who can work with a high degree of purpose and self discipline with in the frame, work of orderly decision making procedures, coupled with creativity & innovative approach.

Our Specialized Services

    Component Level Repair:

        • PC Server
        • Notebook Computers
        • Laser Printers
        • Fax Machines
        • Handi Cam
        • Motherboard/cards
        • Apple Computers
        • Laptop & Palmtop
        • Inkjet & DMP Printer
        • Plotters / Scanners
        • Display Systems
        • Backup Drives


    On site maintenance of all type of computers viz. Apple, IBM, Compaq, HP, Laptops, Pentium, Servers etc. and printers viz. LaserJet's, DeskJet's, DPM's etc.

Round the Clock Service

Provided by our Resident Engineers where the number of computers exceeds more than 70, otherwise our response time is maximum 4 hours in local and surrounding area of metro, for outstation max. 1 day if the call is received before noon .

Zero Breakdown

Services provided, backed by an exhaustive range of peripherals of components and module level spares to ensure zero breakdowns .

AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract)

Of Computers at very affordable and so competitive rates that you will be tempted to go in for long-term contract with us.

New Computer Systems

Branded and assembled both based on Intel, Motorola, processor with genuine spares, thoroughly tested and prepared by our technical staff with one year on site warranty.

Peripherals and Office Automation Products

    • Laser Printers
    • Plotters
    • Inkjet Printers
    • Backup Drives
    • Multimedia Devices
    • Networking Devices
    • Fax Machines
    • Laptop PC
    • Palmtop PC
    • Digital Cameras
    • Peripherals
    • Accessories


    • Site Installation Video Conferencing and Chatting.
    • Internet and networking through remote server.
    • Installation of CD Server for mass communication.
    • Turnkey projects of networking and establish long distance channel of communication.
    • Multimedia, education and Desk Top Publishing etc.
    • Data backup, recovery and accounting software conversion

Corporate Training

Through our higher end educational institute GATE (Global Academy of Technical Education) by highly qualified faculty.

What Client Gets?

This is a renowned fact that any one can satisfy the customer. Yes, it is true! But how effectively and deeply he is satisfied is another part. By appointing firm like Service Network the client gets all the expertise through one source. He gets the correct advice on how to decide under constraints. He is guided on how and when to compromise. Above all he is advised on how to achieve excellence!

How We Can Help You ?

  • We keep track with continuous touch with the client through regular follow-ups and visits.
  • We update our customers information by providing them with the latest technologies and information in the IT Industry.
  • We provide any peripheral device/equipment/software support on the special requirement.

Our Weakness ?

Knowing that we are relatively young, we believe in thinking big and positive. Please bear with us on this approach. We're sure, once you deal with us, you will find this weakness as our strength.

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